Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My stupid finger

A few months ago, I banged the pinky on my right hand.

I wondered at the time if I broke it, but it wasn't swollen and didn't hurt bad after it happened. So I forgot about it.

Or I tried to.

I am off to a hand doctor tomorrow. My pinky pain has reappeared a few months ago. I thought it was some repetitive stress injury from my wheelchair or computer, but the pain lingers. Today, I banged it again and for a second felt like throwing up.

We'll see what happens. At least I'll know whether my hand was broken.


Anonymous said...

i love you a whole lot, but throw up is like my kryptonite...i might have to call ellen to clean it up...she has an immunity.


Matt Trott said...

It was at work, but I'll keep Ellen in mind as Barf-maid. Get it? Instead of barmaid? HAHA

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