Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Claren is 10 today; in dog years that means she's freaking awesome

Actually, I think it makes her like 75 or 80. Yikes! But she still has a lot of years left, I suspect, especially since much of her down-time is spent like this.

Jesus changed the calendar from BC to AD, or if you prefer BCE to CE. Claren has had that effect on my life, which went from BC -- "Before Claren" -- to AD -- "After Dog." It also works to say the "Claren Era" and "Before the Claren Era."

I don't really remember my life in years BC. It was certainly less hairy, less fun, too. I had better control of my body, but I was sad a lot.

AD is better, even though my body is worse. I fall more and face way more challenges but I do not face them alone. I now have a partner who, if nothing else, will shed all over those challenges.


Anonymous said...

we are all better off in the world of AC! I never knew you BC, but I'm sure you were not smiling as much as you are now with that awesome companion!

Patrick said...

Happy birthday, Claren!

Des said...

Matt and Claren, here's wishing you 10 more years AC!

Matt Trott said...

Claren and a new Springsteen album! A good day.

Sand. said...

Happy Birthday Claren!

P.S. I "Liebster Awarded" you ; ) Check my blog for more details : )

Matt Trott said...

Thanks, Sand!

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