Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Needed: Masseuse

I need to marry a masseuse.

My left shoulder hurt over Christmas. I blame an ergonomic keyboard I was trying out.

I went back to the regular keyboard, which helped, but what would have really made things better -- other than a massage -- is not using my left arm for a few days.

That isn't really an option when you use your arms for just about everything from movement to standing to communicating.

As the pain in my left shoulder eased, it didn't disappear. It just moved to my right shoulder, I assume, because I was not using my left shoulder as I normally do and was compensating by overworking my right shoulder.

Now the pain has moved again, to my neck. This time, I assume, I have been compensating for two underworked shoulders.

I'll survive -- I always do -- but it would be ore fun to thrive with my masseuse wife.

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