Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nice neighbors, too bad I can't visit

Of the seven houses have been built on Gram's property, ours is the only accessible one.

The others aren't just inaccessible, they are downright wheelchair unfriendly. They all have significant stairs to get to the doors or right inside the doors.

And fairly narrow stairways so two or three people cold not carry someone else in a chair in. Big elevators would be needed to get into them.

When we sold the first four lots after Gram died, Mom asked the architect is he ever gave thought to wheelchair users. These houses sell, she was told. In other words, no.

Of course, accessible houses would sell, too.


Anonymous said...

Have a party abnd invite the neighbors over!

Anonymous said...

I have found that it requires me to have most of the social gatherings at my place. none of my bosses or close coworkers have accessible houses and then I am unable to attend the group celebrations. Completely stinks. I dream of a world of blacktop and universal design.

Matt Trott said...

It is just the idea that I played where these houses are but cannot go into any of them.

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