Sunday, January 29, 2012

People like me

My brother-in-law put up my last two pictures yesterday -- a painting by my sister and this one.

It was just in time, too, because friends from USA TODAY came over yesterday afternoon, friends who had signed the picture.

It was a really fun time.

I still find it surprising and so lucky that such awesome people are my friends.

I know that changing jobs was the right thing to do for me, for countless reasons. Still, USA TODAY was an amazingly special workplace I am not sure I'll find again.


Anonymous said...

I know I sure like you.

Anonymous said...

change is hard, but believe it or not you always keep touch with the friends that you made. You now just increase your circle of friends at your new job.

EB said...

You're right, we are pretty awesome - I mean, awww thanks, Matt! Saturday was fun. Now you can take the USAT picture down and hang up whichever picture you were REALLY going to put above your bed. Speaking of pictures, why didn't we take one of the group?!

Matt Trott said...

You'all are awesome.

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