Saturday, February 18, 2012

Me or the FA?

A few weeks ago I asked on on an Ataxia mailing list whether anyone used a rowing machine. I got a few answers, one of which suggested a recumbent trike.

I replied to the sender that I actually had to give up my trike a little while ago and that I use a hand trike now.

I figured that would be the end of it, but he wrote me back. He wanted to know why I "had" to give up riding. He assured me that he was not judging me, although in my experience you don't use quotation marks if you aren't throwing words back in someone's face.

I told him why -- that my legs were flopping around too much -- and he replied, suggesting that it had less to do with the ataxia than with muscle strength and their correct use.

I feel bad about giving up my trike. I feel worse that my leg muscles don't work. I wonder if it my fault, more than the ataxia.


Anonymous said...

you are way too hard on yourself. Let up a little bit dude!

Anonymous said...

The guy's a jerk.

Anonymous said...

a really really BIG jerk

Matt Trott said...


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