Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scared of the dark

Today at work I wrote about a woman who hears poorly. She has her co-workers turn her office light off and on when they come in so they don't scare her. I may need to get people to do this in my room at home.

Last night I was sitting at my sink taking my pills when my sister asked if I was OK. Yeah, I was, except she almost gave me a heart attack.

Apparently, I was making more noise than usual so she was just checking on me.

But I totally did not hear her and consequently almost spilled my cinnamon sticks that I eat so I am not taking my pills on an empty stomach.

I could get her to flip the lights, but the sudden dark would probably freak me out, too.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she should wear a little bell to announce her arrival. Like a cat. That would be cute!

Anonymous said...

Cinnamom sticks??? Please 'splain.

Matt Trott said...

No go on the bell, and anyway her husband would find a way to use it to freak me out.

Cinnamon, not cinnamom (although those sound better). They are wheat things that are sticks and have cinnamon on them. They have the salt øƒ wheat thins, too, and pepper to give a spicy aftertaste. I am still not sure about them.

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