Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Choosing the gun

I have been taking a speechwriting class over the past month, and the first speech the instructor showed us was called "Choosing the Gun" by the head of the Netherlands military. It is really wonderful.

Here is a transcription.

It makes me want to write something that good, which is all I was supposed to consider for the class.

But then I started thinking about what he said. I wish I lived in a place or a time when "being so close to this gun" made me feel uneasy.

I still see officers with weapons in the subway. I know they are making me safe, but I worry that we have all become to used to guns and there is little value in a gun as an instrument of peace..

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Anonymous said...

I agree--he keeps you very engaged telling his story. I'd like to take this class and learn more!

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