Saturday, March 31, 2012

No time for exercise

Normally when I turn on the water in the shower I do some leg exercises while it warms up. The exercises will not, to be sure, give me legs to be proud of. But they are a little something, which can't hurt. Today, I didn't do the exercises. It is not like they take any time, but I wanted to get outside with Claren fast. I promised myself I would do the exercises once I got outside, too. Of course, once I got outside and settled, I had no desire to exercise. I am not ever very comfortable, but sitting in the sun in the spring is comfortable. I didn't want to mess that up by stupid exercise. But I did use my pedal exerciser for 45 minutes tonight.


Anonymous said...

good for you. There really is never enough time to exercise and sitting in the sun is worth more than exercise! But exercising in the shower is a great idea. The warm water helps and it really gets you going in the morning. I hope you can continue it!

Anonymous said...

Exercise...phooey. Sitting in spring sunshine...mmmmm.

Matt Trott said...

Well, yeah, but I need to do both.

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