Sunday, March 4, 2012

Too strong for my own good

The alarm went off this morning, and I rolled out of bed.

When my butt felt thin air, I realized I had rolled too far.

My hands were on my stripper pole, so I did not really fall, just sat down on the floor.

I pulled myself up standing twice, but it was like, now what? My feet were sliding this way and that so my legs couldn't support me. Even though I was upright, I could not get back into bed or into my chair.

Fortunately, my phone was right there and I called my sister.

She came and put my shoes on and helped me up. If I had even thought of putting on my shoes, I would not have had to call her. The shoes were easily accessible. Why didn't I think of it? What a waste.

And it stuck with me all day.

When I woke up at 11:15, I didn't want to get up and maybe fall again. I finally did, but it took all of my positive thinking. I didn't do anything all day, not even swimming.

Not that it helped. I still feel crummy.


Anonymous said...

Let it go!! You had just awakened. You weren't psychologically ready for shoes so didn't think of putting them on.

Anonymous said...

how many hits is your blog going to get from your use of the term stripper pole? maybe you could have gotten up with your shoes on, maybe not...what ifs get us no where


Matt Trott said...

Maybe if I title a post "stripper pole."

"Ifs" and never letting it go give me strength

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