Thursday, May 31, 2012

The mark of FA

I love Zorro. The idea of the mighty hero hiding behind a wimpy alter ego is done lots, but it is always cool. And drawing a "Z" on his vanquished foes was so cool.

When I was younger, the two movies I would stay inside to watch on even a gorgeous day were Errol Flynn's Adventures of Robin Hood and Tyrone Power's The Mark of Zorro.

Actually, I stayed inside to watch many others, too, including the vastly underrated Empire of the Ants.

But I was thinking of Zorro this morning after my brother-in-law and sister hauled me up off the floor of the bathroom.

My sister did most of the hauling, while my brother-in-law lifted up my chair to free my trapped foot.

After I got in my chair, I glanced at my feet: Both had big red splotches on them from being victimized by my foul wheelchair.

The marks were not as cool as a carved "Z." I hope they don't last as long either.

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