Monday, May 28, 2012

No help

A storm blew through last night right as Game of Thrones started, "blew" being the key word.

The wind ripped through the shade stand my brother-in-law set up during the day.

My sister was outside first, trying to save it,  followed by my brother-in-law.

I went to the door and asked if  I could help. I thought maybe I could hold something. Instead my sister asked me to call Mom and Dad's,  where our oldest brother was staying, and ask him to help.

I didn't even do that right. By the time I got my phone, they had it all under control.

I don't at all blame my sister for asking me to call for help. But it sort of felt like getting chosen last in gym  class. And believe me, I have plenty of experience with that.

It is a pretty rotten feeling to be no help in an emergency, unless said emergency requires lots of quips that I find hilarious but others might not.

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Anonymous said...

I know what it felt like to get chosen last at gym, too. Feel better.

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