Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awesome friends

My friends taught me a valuable lesson last night: Don't settle.

Four of us went to dinner last night at Ray's Hell Burger.  We got a seat at two tables for two pressed together, but the tables were too low for me to get under.

OK, I thought, and I just positioned myself as best I could.

But they kept looking and one went and asked the manager for something to raise the table.

The manager brought out two of those big plastic cup racks. That my friends and the manager put under the table legs, but my chair hit them so I still could not get under.

Again, I was like OK, and I asked the manager if I could just use one of the racks as a tray for my lap. As she went off to clean it, I looked at one of my friends who appeared to be doing a little geometry in his head.

He was looking at the table legs and suggested we move them out of my way more.

When the manager brought the rack back with several paper towels covering it, my friends had rearranged the tables to look like this: <><>, joining at the point instead of the side.

I was able to sneak in closer in the middle, and once I had the tray, I was ready for a grade dinner. It was.

It would have been awesome even if the tables did not get rearranged, and I didn't get a tray. But those things reminded me why my friends are the best!

PS: This is my second post today. Don't get used to it.


Anonymous said...

awesome! Great people have great friends.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to say that you went to a movie and dinner with friends?

Matt Trott said...

Different days. Don't be silly.

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