Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fine, it was lazy

I think I was a very bad disabled person today.

I got home, I was tired, and it was warm.

Rather than spend 15 minutes wrestling my shoes and pants off, then putting on shorts and shoes, I asked my sister for help. So I could nap sooner.

She did, of course, although she laughingly said I was being lazy and exaggerating how long it would take me to change.

For the record, it took 15 minutes even with my sister helping before I sat down and snoozed.


Emily and Miked said... is my job to give you a hard are not a bad disabled are my brother.

Anonymous said...

don't fret about it, but I know it is exhausting. It takes me two hours from beginning to end up to get ready in the morning. Nobody understands the frustration and time involved in doing the simple things except those that are close to us. So just go with it!

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