Thursday, August 16, 2012

Math proves a lot of able-bodied people on subway are stupid

I blame the two gals who got on the subway car behind me today.

It was not a crowded car at all. No one was standing ... except in the door areas.

But instead of going past me to the many empty spaces around the train, they huddled next to the door, forcing me to move into the middle of the door area.

I was annoyed by that, so I started looking around.

There are doors at the front, middle and end of the trains, which are 75 feet by 10 feet. The total capacity is 175, and there are 68 seats. I can't find the width of the door area, but say four feet. That means the total area of the three door areas is 120 square feet (4*10*3), and the total train area is 750 square feet (75*10).

Into the three door areas crammed 21 people, not counting me and Claren. We'll say all the seats were filled, even though they weren't. But we'll say they were, which means there were 90 people on the train (22 in door areas + 68 sitters).

So in an area that is 16% of the car  (120/750), you had 23% of the riders (22/90), really more because I saw at least four empty seats, which would mean it was nearer 26%.

And only one of those riders in the door area couldn't move to the less crowded areas.


Anonymous said...

That was a really interesting article you linked to. It should be handed out in all Metro stations.

Matt Trott said...

It is good.

Anonymous said...

Also, my iPad is turning "xo" into "Xbox" lately. I of course meant to say xo.

Anonymous said...

and much of the subway design is ridiculous. L'Enfant Plaza is like "over the River and through the woods" to get around. And if one elevator is out you are completely screwed.

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