Saturday, August 11, 2012


On Thursday night, my last night alone this summer  (maybe forever after I tell this story), I did something stupid, I dropped a cracker.

That wasn't the stupid part, but it was the annoying catalyst.

The cracker fell under a wheel, and I did not want to crush it. So I maneuvered my chair back and forth to keep from running it over. I was in my bathroom, where there is not much room, hence the  back and forth.

I succeeded and backed up a bit, but I did not want to leave it there for certain nosy dogs to eat. 

So I bent over to pick it up.

That was the stupid thing. 

I knew I wasn't buckled in, but I was not prepared for the momentum of my downward movement.

I don't think I did a  full somersault, but I did end up on the floor in front of my chair, fang the hair. And also under the sink.

I was totally unhurt, but I still let loose a nice stream of curses. 

Then I set about getting back in my chair.

I have been having trouble falling asleep, I think because of my naps, so I have been going to bed later. It was nearly 11 so I didn't want to call Mom and Dad.

I decided to back my chair up and then use it to pull myself over to the bars near the toilet. This worked well! I even stood up as planned and started to lower my butt, feeling for my chair.

Unfortunately, I had pushed it back too far, and my butt just felt air.

I stood back up, but I soon felt my legs wobbling and needed to sit. I took the option available to me and sat down on the toilet, facing the tank, without the seat or cover down.

After my legs recovered, I stood back up and carefully shuffled my feet back until  I could sit back into my chair. Whew!

I was then too pumped to fall asleep.


Anonymous said...

you win the Olympic gold for body/wheelchair maneuvering.

Matt Trott said...

Mom said more or less the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Buckle up for safety, boyo.

Matt Trott said...


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