Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't squeeze the Matty

When the elevator at the West Falls Church Metro station breaks between when I get a message telling me the elevator is OK and when I get there, I ride to the next station. The elevator at the Dunn Loring station is ridiculously out of the way. You have to go to the front of the platform, beyond where the train stops, right next to a caution sign. ...

And I love it!

No one just hops on that elevator to save a few seconds. The only people who use it are ones who actually need it. ...

Unlike, say, the other day at West Falls Church, when I got to an elevator almost packed with ambulatory people. They made room for me and I got on. Then another guy squeezed on behind me.

I again learned that it is not cool to be in a chair with a service dog and be squished into an elevator.

For one thing, no matter how good your service dog is, if her head is jammed into someone's crotch, she's gonna sniff. And if you forcibly remove her head from said crotch and point her nose to the ground, she might then start to sniff the person's toes that are sticking out of sandals.

For another thing, people's sports coats can get tangled on wheelchair controls and cause problems.

Maybe I should go to the farther station all the time.

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