Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still alive

No one who has Friedreich's ataxia can really say he is lucky.

You have struck out from the very moment of conception, managing to get the bad gene from both your mother and your father.

But I am lucky. Family and friends, sure. A good job, oh yeah. 

Actually, though, tonight I am thinking that I am lucky to be sitting at my computer instead of lying in a hospital.

I went for a walk tonight without Mom, so I was cruising along in the dark with my lights on. I was getting ready to cross a street when a car on the street I was on turned on its lights. Maybe that threw me. All I know is that I rammed the opposite curb with my chair. Actually, I hit a sewer opening in the curb and my chair leaned perilously close to tipping over. Somehow it didn't. 

So, I just came home and tried not to throw up at how close I came to hurting myself.

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