Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting inside Claren's head

One of my college-age nieces came over last night and played Sorry with my sister and nephew.

At one point, she told my nephew that she worked on Tim Kaine's Senate campaign. (Just to be clear, she had a real job, not an internship.) Then she said: "Know who else I worked for? Barak Obama."

My nephew's eyes bugged out and he fell back stiff onto the couch. Then he said "I need to get a drink of water" and walked off.

My sister asked me and my niece: Wouldn't you love to be in his head?

Well, yes, that would be fun -- I could find out lots about Wii -- but this morning I decided I'd rather be in Claren's head.

For the second day in a row, she has come into the bathroom while I have been showering and she has just watched me. I don't want to anthropomorphize her but it is almost like she is checking on me to make sure I don't fall.

Even if she isn't, she is still the coolest dog in the world,


Anonymous said...

No need to anthropomorphize the wonder dog. She is an angel with fur. Also, inside the goof's head? I'd want a pretty clear exit strategy.

Anonymous said...

I totally believe that claren is watching out for you. We do not understand the ability of animals to comprehend what is going on and what has happened. My horse growing up knew exactly when to wait for me in the specific place in the pasture when I was getting off the bus from school. And, was there every morning. As for joed, I for one to wonder what he was thinking about the president, and would love to get into his head to figure out why he won't eat so many things. :-)sdt

Matt Trott said...

Claren's no angel. She's no stranger to the streets.

Ahh, Mr. Bojangles

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