Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Never forget

Every so often -- despite using a chair full time for almost 14 years, despite almost daily falls, despite injuries to almost every body part in those falls -- despite all that, I forget that I am in a wheelchair, that I can't always go where others do.

It happened this week.

A friend invited me to a birthday party. 

I remembered she had a cat so Claren was going to get the night off. I arranged for another friend to drive me home.

It never occurred to me that she might live on a second floor garden-style condo … until she told me and asked how we could do this.

I wish I could be carried easily. I don't weigh too much, but the jolts are too much.

It makes me so sad and angry to mss the party for such a stupid reason.

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Anonymous said...

believe me, I hear you. Tony and I cannot go to a holiday party for one of my work colleagues because the house "only" has four steps!oh yes, and they offered to carry my 365 pound wheelchair.

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