Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When she is good,she is very, very good; when she is bad, she's awesome

Since I got her, I have waited for Claren to mature and not act like every other dog wants to be her best friend. For her entire life, she has been like that high school cheerleader who also takes AP classes and is student council president and is sure you'll like her if you meet her.

Except now she's not. And it makes me sad.

Her favorite service dog in training came by the office a few weeks ago, and Claren played a little, then went back to sleep.

A goofy lab came running down from the neighbors the other day, and Claren merely tolerated him.

This friend brought in her Shih Tzu today and we took a break with the dogs outside. I released her, but Claren barely sniffed the other dog.

I said I was waiting for her to mature, but I was always so tickled to have "the party girl" as a partner. And I miss her puppy antics.

She still does her job and seems happy, loves putting on her vest and going to work.

And every once in a while she is her old lunatic self. That'll have to be enough.

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