Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sorry, polar bears

Whenever I am showering, I think of our director.

Wait, I better explain that real quick.

He tells a story about being on vacation with his extended family, and as he says:
Several years ago, my middle brother's wife was yelling at her teenage son for doing what teenage sons do, staying in the shower for about 40 minutes. After several episodes of yelling at him, she just screamed, "Matthew, polar bears are swimming in the Arctic because of you!"
He goes on to explain why the United States wants to prohibit commercial trade of polar bears, arguing that while a changing climate is the greatest threat to polar bears it is not the only one.

 Whenever I am in  the shower, I think about that story. I am damning polar bears to swim in the Arctic. Even my director's nephew's name is right.

But it is the Friedreich's ataxia really! I can't take fast showers, at least not if I hope to get clean. I could take cool showers, I suppose, but since I am cold most days this seems like a bad idea.

Maybe I could say, "I think of polar bears while showering," but really does that sound less weird?

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Anonymous said...

lots of productive thoughts in the shower. I saw the article about polar bears.

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