Thursday, January 31, 2013

Comfy but trouble

I am back in my new chair these days. I spent the weekend and early part of the week shuffling back and forth between my old power chair and my manual chair after my new chair started not working. It started randomly telling me "ctrl inhibited"and it would stop running.

This first happened just before the Inaugural Parade. (Did I mention I was in the parade? My sister thinks I am getting a big head about it, but I think she is just jealous that strangers aren't coming up to her and saying "Good job!" Work strangers but still ...)

I thought it was just because a pebble got lodged somewhere. We were on gravel and someone just poking around fixed it.

But then it happened again at home. And again. And again.

Wow, it is really no fun to be stuck in a chair that doesn't work.

The wheelchair folks fixed it in a day, but the threat of winter weather kept the chair at the store for  a few extra days. I have to go back to address some other issues.

It is amazing how uncomfortable my old chair now is, and I like my new chair. But wheelchairs in general just suck.

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