Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inauguration: Part 1 of many

Yes, I am going to run the inauguration into the ground. I think I deserve to: 57 in the history of the country and I was in one.

I am the wheelchair user on the far left with Claren. The president is on the right. (Thanks, Patrick for the image)
Here is the first thing, my USA TODAY story: First person: Inaugural Parade march with my service dog. A year and a half after leaving USAT, I get my first byline!

And for my bitter friends, some uniquely bitter tidbits:

  • For some reason I was listed as a puppy raiser, not a graduate, so the bus I was on did not have a lift. Oops. Fortunately, there was room on a lift bus.
  • For a fun challenge, wear snow pants, sweats and boxers, a long coat, a scarf, several ID tags on your neck and more, and then try to use a Port-a-John ... in cold weather. The first time I tried standing but wasn't able to go with all my accoutrements. Second time, I got help getting my coat and stuff off, and sat.
  • At the parade staging ground, rows of Port-a-Johns were set up. About 10 were accessible and had signs on them saying "disabled ONLY." As I was getting into one, this military-looking guy waltzing into one. Coming out, I noticed another military guy stroll out of one. I plan to detail my love of the military later, but not those a-holes.

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Anonymous said...

hope they did not pee on the seats. btw, you SHOULD dine on this for awhile. great stuff.

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