Friday, January 4, 2013

It's a wonderful life, Matty-style

Despite the Friedreich's ataxia, despite the wheelchair and the falls, despite the Urinator, my life is sometimes so good that I can hardly believe how lucky I am.

I could easily fill a post about getting stuck in the mud in the yard today, but honestly I am riding a high from the past several days.

On Wednesday, my best friend from college and his family came over for dinner. I hadn't met his 8-year-old and hadn't seen his 10-year-old since his baptism, but his kids were hilarious and great.

His daughter told me all about this circus, complete with different voices depending on what was happening. His son, my godson, joined in to explain things his little sister left out.

My friend's wife seems like she could almost be one of my sisters, she is so awesome. And i can't say enough about my friend. It is remarkable to not see someone in years but to find yourself right back in a comfort zone with them.. And he always sat next to me to talk to me, rowther than making me stare up. Coolness.

The next night I went to a retirement party at USA TODAY, and actually I felt a little guilty because I felt like I upstaged the retiree. Everyone was asking me how I was and telling me they missed me. And most people even said hi to me first before Claren. And I got to see so many good friends I had left.

But that wasn't all.

The MC mentioned how I came back. Then the retiree ended his speech with "to quote Matt Trott: Thank you all from the bottom of my heart." (from my farewell party.) Someone else said mine was the saddest farewell party, which should not make me feel so good but ...

And I didn't need a AS2 to point out my life's wonderfulness.

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Anonymous said...

woo hoo matt. ur awesome, u just forget sometimes.

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