Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flush with victory

My nephew peed in my bathroom last night.

I don't think he really had to go or anything. Rather he wanted to give the "Acme flusher prototype" an authentic test.

I have been the same was since Mom built the AFP on Friday. It is based on my idea, but she didn't like the clamp idea (which  I am still sure is a winner), so she used a rubber band to fasten it. She also substituted rope for fishing line.

My brother-in-law was impressing, saying he thought she had "a bit of engineer in her."

I love it and have probably flushed my toilet more in the past day than in the past year.


We are on AFP 2.0 now, and my nephew gave it an authentic test this afternoon.

The rubber-band popped off. We are now using one of the clamps. Seems to work awesomely!


Anonymous said...

lol, nobody spends more time and energy thinking about bathrooms, particularly toilets and showers.

Matt Trott said...

It's getting there.

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