Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A good walk spoiled

It was such a great day out today that I went for a long walk at lunch. (The night is turning out less pleasant because somebody turned on the AC. HA I kid, sort of)

But the walk grew longer than expected because there was no curb cut. I thought I'd be rolling forever on the streets of Ballston as the man who never returned.

Another issue was that garbagemen, or whatever they are called, do not worry about putting the cans back on the edge of the sidewalk. They were fun obstacles, really.

Finally, did you know that stroller trumps wheelchair. I didn't. But this woman pushing a stroller came right at me and I had to move.


Anonymous said...

I promise, Matt, that if I had been with you, wheelchair would trump stroller and anything else.

Matt Trott said...

This sounds like your daughter

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