Monday, April 8, 2013

I need

I seem to be getting a bad reputation, and I am not sure it is deserved

I told the person working with me yesterday at swimming that I needed a break. He looked at and said, "You never pace yourself. Why start now?"

A few weeks my older sister was mocking me for doing things just to see if I can. I forget what she was talking about, but she is wrong. Everything I do is one very important cog in the existence that is Matt Trott.

I need to tilt my chair backward to see just how far it will go.

I need to fall to see how to get up.

I need to push myself in the pool.

I also need to buy lots more toys.


Anonymous said...

Was that me or Mary? Our commentary is vital to the functioning of the cogs.

Matt Trott said...

that would be you

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