Saturday, April 6, 2013

I want to go to Machu Pichu

I am reading Turn Right at Machu Pichu, about an editor who at 41 decides he wants to do something adventurous.  He decides to follow the trails of some explorer who found Machu Pichu.

The book tell his story as well as that of the original adventurer. It is pretty fun. When telling is story, the author reminds me of A.J. Jacobs (although his wife's no Julie).

Of course, it also makes me a little sad that I can't have a super adventure.

I have been mulling a train trip out west to see some of our most amazing landmarks. I have the money, the vacation time. But ....

I'd have to take someone with me. Even assuming I can find  someone  (which I am sure I can), it doesn't seem so adventurous or like much of a vacation for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Carpe Diem

Anonymous said...

I'll go! There's some great geology out there.

Matt Trott said...

Carpe diem makes me think of Dead Poets Society. I don't like Dead Poets Society.

Thanks EMT

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