Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mustn't ... Squish ... Puppy

Claren is not a huge KennyD fan.
A few days before my sister and her family picked up their new puppy, Kenny, one of my nieces told her not to let me run over him.

I thought she was kidding. But holy cow, it is a challenge.

He seems drawn to moving wheels and is definitely drawn to Claren, who is usually near me.

And he is so tiny. One false roll, and it's bye-bye, Kenny. And as my sister told him tonight, don't get run over; we'd be mad at both you and Uncle Matt.

When my awesome goddaughter was a baby, she too liked to explore around my chair.She got trapped under my chair once, but it was a manual. I would not have squished her.

I am counting on a growth spurt soon to solve the issue. I cannot be trusted to drive safely.


Anonymous said...

She was in so little danger that her grandmother paused to photograph the event before rescuing her.

Matt Trott said...

I thought she did.

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