Friday, May 3, 2013

Are you disabled?

I have been thinking about college recently because my first niece graduated today.

The only school I applied to but didn't get into was Duke, not that I'd have gone there. I was state-school bound and I knew it.

I have always blamed my wait-listing on the alumni interview. On hearing I did not play sports, the alum -- a former secretary of the Army or something -- said, I don't mean to be rude, but are you disabled?

I was shocked.

Oh no, I said. And I meant it. It had never occurred to me that I might be disabled. Why not?

It honestly never entered my mind -- or apparently anyone else's -- that there might actually be a reason for my clumsiness. Not that it really matters.

Although ... Maybe Duke would have accepted a disabled student.


Anonymous said...

Apparently it also never occurred to this doofus that there might be reasons for not playing sports besides a disability. What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

And who wants to be a blue devil anyway

Matt Trott said...

I thought he wAs just a doofus, but he was right.

I would still be paying for being a Blue Devil.

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