Monday, May 6, 2013

Powerful Katrinka

At various points in time, Gram referred to the ladies in the family as Powerful Katrinka.

The Powerful Katrinka was a strong woman in the Toonerville Folks comic strip, so Gram called people Powerful Katrinka after a feat of strength. Mom would open a pickle jar Gram was struggling with, and that made her Powerful Katrinka. My sister would lift a box, and she was Powerful Katrinka.

I do not remember Gram bestowing the moniker on my two female cousins, but I am sure she did, especially the younger one. She was tough, with her patented wrestling move "The Atomic Sit," in which she would flop her 2- or 3-year-old self down on her brothers.

I wish Gram had seen the Powerful Katrinka on display a few days ago. Still a little stunned frankly.

I was headed inside when one side ran off the sidewalk and got stuck in gravel, just spinning. My 9-year-old niece saw this and before I could say, Go get your dad, she grabbed the back of my chair and started pulling.

I started reversing the chair to match her tugs, and darned if she didn't pull me free!


Anonymous said...

so awesome. it's the hockey!

Anonymous said...

time to get K a Wonder Woman outfit.

Matt Trott said...


Anonymous said...

Can't believe this! Because of our upper body strength, all the generations of women in my family are tagged "Powerful Katrinka" too. I never knew what that really meant until now. So funny!

Matt Trott said...


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