Monday, May 20, 2013

Where do I go from here?

I have a good bit of vacation time built up, and Mom and I spent some time looking at possible trips.

Almost anything I would do would cost double -- places don't give an aide a free pass. And while some give discounts, they are pretty minor -- 10% or so.

I guess the cost in't really the issue. The question: Is it worth it? And that is a question I am really unsure of.

Travel anywhere is not easy, and it is nice to sleep late.

It's neither exciting nor stimulating, though. Am I that boring?

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Anonymous said...

I often struggle with the same thoughts because after a trip I seem to have a health issue and I always want to blame it on the trip. Also, going on the trip and being in a different environment is difficult, even more difficult because of new obstacles. But you have to go with the frame of mind that you will deal with it. The thing about travel that I think is important is to focus on what might be on your bucket list. Is it a national park? A certain part of this country or somewhere else that you have always wanted to see? Will seeing it make you feel like you have completed something? I'm sure you have thought about it. And in that case, just go for it. I think I remember a certain niece who was willing to go on a geographic trip with you. Take her
up on the offer!

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