Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The various parts of my body are so F-----G pathetic.

Take my bladder, for instance (Please, take it. Thank you, Henny Youngman). I don't have t o go to the bathroom, but I go anyway. I am fine heading to the bathroom. I get in the stall, and all of a sudden, I have to go like no one's business.

And it doesn't help that my idiot fingers are fumbling with my pants buttons and zipper or that my stupid legs are wobbling as I try to stand or transfer.

But in good news, I believe that all these flawed parts have combined in something similar to the Three Stooges Syndrome to make me indestructible.

I say this because I fell as I was transferring back to my chair on one of the no-accident visits to the bathroom today. SMACK onto the tile floor. My forehead hit with a bounce, I saw stars, then was fine. No blood, no pain.

As I said: Indestructible.

Of course, I did have to peek under the stall door to get someone to come help me up.

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