Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Toilet is less funny in person

Bill Cosbiy has a hilarious take on getting drunk and throwing up. It involves the drinker resting his head on the toilet and referring to it as his friend because it is so pleasant to rest against. It must be alcohol-related because my head did not feel so good resting against the work toilet today.

I got cocky, and I really paid for it at work. I had to go to the bathroom but was trying to finish some work so when I did go, I was a little too ready to go. And afterward I slipped on the floor.

So I was sitting on the floor OK, but I kept trying to get up. At one point I fell flat on my back bouncing my head on the toilet. I did not think "thank you, toilet," as Bill Cosby's drunk does. I thought, GROSS!

Finally, someone came in and I got him to help me up. It really angers me that I couldn't.

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