Monday, July 8, 2013


I am in a bad place. Unfortunately, I don't mean physically.

I blame my bladder. It hasn't gotten over the kidney stone trauma.

A friend suggested that a lawsuit maybe in order, but no. I think the only one I could sue would be the God that decided, "Hey, a little screwed-up DNA is A-OK." I hear he has good lawyers, and if you are winning, he trots out the old saw about he created the world.

Also, my urologist said it could be months before I am back to normal. My bladder was, to use her medical term, "jazzed."

The incontinence saps my strength, my energy, me. Yuck.


Anonymous said...

I'll hold you in the light until you can get back there. xxoo

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of stuck on the image of a jazzed bladder. I see it dancing in a dimly lit nightclub, probably in paris. I love you though, all the time

Anonymous said...

I now have a mental picture of a bladder doing "jazz hands".

"Thanks a lot Mare"

Anonymous said...

Me too all of it.

Matt Trott said...

this has been in my mind since she told Mom jazzed. Welcome to my world.

Signed: DJ Jazzy Bladder and the Fresh Kidney

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