Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'd be offended if they were the Washington Cripples

I don't like Dan Snyder. I am pretty confident that he is  huge fan but that he is also a key reason the failures of the Washington Redskins in recent years. It was easy then to call him a jerk when he told USA TODAY to use caps to write that he'd NEVER change the team name. It is harder to hate him when he speaks softly and from his heart about keeping a name offensive to some American Indians.

It's not impossible. I find it ridiculously offensive that a rich white guy has the audacity to tell American Indians that they should not be offended by a name that mocks their skin color. He says it was so named because the team had several American Indians on it, so it isn't a slur but a point of pride. But, who is he to determine what should or should not be offensive?

This guy I used to work with said society should call be people who are disabled crippled because they are. He would side with Snyder, no doubt, explaining that redskin was originally not disparaging.

That's fine, and if American Indians wish to reclaim the word fine. But the white owner of a pro football team has no business using the word. Change the name.


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Surprised he doesn't want to do it and that Sally Jenkins didn't say in her column that Snyder should finally change the name because he is Jewish and he would love to make more money from all of the new sweat shirts, bumper stickers etc. that he could sell with a new name. Or maybe they should call the team the "greedy Jews." He is an embarrassment to MY tribe.

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