Monday, October 28, 2013

Up with people

How freaking ecstatic am I when not one, but two, guys get off an elevator at the subway so I can fit on?

Crazy happy.

I felt like clicking my heels as I left the station. Of course, that is not really doable in a chair. Plus, one of the guys who got off had to excuse himself past others who did not get off. But hey ...

Two people got off the elevator so I could get on!

And that was the only people-affirming incident today.  I was returning from lunch and hit the button to open the door. It didn't work. I hit it a bunch of times thinking the guard might sew me. I also figured someone else returning from lunch was due to arrive and they'd help me.

I then spotted someone I assumed was a co-worker, because she was headed toward the building. She came up, opened the door for me, then left. She wasn't a co-worker, just a good person who saw my futile button-pushing.


Anonymous said...

i thought i felt the earth tilt a bit on its axis.

Matt Trott said...

your little sister threatened me if I didn't write about it

Anonymous said...

my little sister is a wise woman

Matt Trott said...


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