Thursday, December 26, 2013

Good with a side of crappy

Christmas, as always, brings awesomeness and more than a little crappy:

Probably Claren's last church visit was Tuesday, not that she is dying but you can't bring retired dogs to church. That made me feel bad, but if I think like that, she'll have a lot of lasts.

She, of course, entranced nearby kids at church. One just laid down a few feet away and stared at her.

The kids I live with were also entranced, not by Claren but by Christmas. Fun to be around that. I think their parents get caught up, too, in making everything perfect for their kids, which makes me sad that I don't have that.

Mass was also totally unintelligible. In crowds, a low-level buzz accompanies everything, and while I can hear people talking, understanding the words is impossible. Usually, if they are sequences I have known since childhood, I can follow them. The Church, though, changed a bunch of prayers a few years ago, as far as I can tell, to make us all believe that we are all sinful jerks. The upshot is I get lost.

Christmas was fun, but it reminds me of my many problems -- I wasn't asked to try my luck at Basket Case. And let's be clear: that was probably a good thing because if I was, I'd probably be pointing out how I felt bad having failed at Basket Case.

And through it all, I am so tired.

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Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm tired too and had a Christmas day evening meltdown because of being so tired. On the bright side, maybe you should start the tradition of the Jews on Christmas Eve which is a movie and Chinese food.

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