Sunday, January 19, 2014

The best

I am sure that everyone who has had a service dog is sure their partner is the best there ever was.

For that reason, I have always shied away from calling her the best. She is far from perfect, I know.

But then something happens, and I am left thinking, "She is the freaking best!"

One of those somethings happened Thursday at therapy. The therapists put mats on the floor for me to crawl on and then got me on the  floor and positioned to crawl.

At this point, Claren wandered over in front of me, sniffed me and laid down right in front of me.

I buried my head in her neck to cover my laugh, then told her to move. She did, like two feet, then down and she waited for me to crawl up to her and tell her to move again.

Between Claren and the therapists frequently having to pull up my pants, we must have been the hit of the PT gym.


Anonymous said...

She is the best indeed!


Anonymous said...

I really like the picture of this in my head. (not the pants so much as the wonder dog doing therapy with you)

Anonymous said...

Claren is the best dog for you at this time in your life--and someday, your successor-dog-to be will also be the best dog for you at that time of your life. CCI has a way of making that happen.

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