Thursday, February 27, 2014

Depression session, what's your lesson?

I am at my wit's end.

Some of you might not think I had far to go, but let me assure you: I am hilarious and my wit is like a billion miles long. So being at the end is hard.

This week a guy at work announced his retirement. I am not sure 42-year-olds are allowed to have mentors, but this guy was it. I will miss him tremendously.

Today, my first boss at this job died. She had cancer. It was weird, 15 minutes before we got the news, I emailed someone about her because I was thinking about her.

And it is cold.

I want to hibernate until it is warm.


Anonymous said...

cancer sucks. clocks turn soon and more daylight bring happiness. hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt
I totally totally hear you. I won't hibernate if you don't

Matt Trott said...

Are two-hour naps considered hibernating?

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