Saturday, March 1, 2014

Where is Spider-Man when you need him?

Last night, we watched The Amazing Spider-Man even though both my brother-in-law and sister think he is a wuss. I loved it, as always.

Spidey's motto is "With great power comes great responsibility," and I am not sure you'll find a superhero who feels such a responsibility to help people. In a recent issue, there was a blizzard in NYC and he was sick, but he still ventured out. He just wanted to check on Aunt May, but first he got an ambulance unstuck, then he plowed a bridge in case it was needed. Then he checked on Aunt May. He cares about his fellow man and woman.

I wish Spider-Man had been  in the subway for my commute home last night.

First, the train was about two inches higher than the platform, so I got stuck getting on. One person moved to help me. One. I don't think the others were callous (I'll get to callous), just oblivious.

I backed up, tried again and got on before the helper reached me, but I nodded to him in thanks.

At my stop, I got off about 15 feet from the elevator. I saw it was already at the platform, so I hauled over to get on.

Seven walking folks had packed themselves in, and only one got off when he saw me. I said I need more room, but no one else got off. They all did a little shuffle to get me more room.

Part of me wishes I had flown in there and run over the jerks, but no, I got on cautiously. The door did not close, so the jerks did another little shuffle and gave me another inch, so I squeezed in.

Spider-Man would have gotten off the elevator.


Danger Kitten said...

Actually, I think Spiderman would have made all the other asshats get off the elevator and made them walk up. I'll say it again. Asshats.

Matt Trott said...

That, too!

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