Monday, April 14, 2014


There are some big topics I need to write about: Claren's retirement, for instance.

I think it is foolish to think her aging is not killing me.

She went to her first puppy play as a retired service dog this weekend, and she is struggling today. She looks sore all over. And this is despite the fact that she jogged after balls, and once she got them, walked back.

She is adorable, though. My friend gave her a haircut to see if it makes her less itchy. She is scratching less, but it might be because she is too sore to move.

I am putting off writing about the big stuff because it'll be hard. It is easier to write about silly day-to-day stuff, but nothing is happening. I can't run over someone or something every day, although ...

My sister did notice a shoe at the bottom of the driveway tonight. I ran over it on the way out of the house 10 minutes earlier.


Anonymous said...

I have often compared my head to an overstuffed closet, so that I open the door fast and quickly yank out what I want so the sh** I don't want to think about doesn't fall out on the floor.

Matt Trott said...

Yeah, I have some scary-ass stuff up there.

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