Monday, April 7, 2014

One of the good guys

In the interest of giving equal time to non-jerks ... (Well, actually not equal time. I am not writing "The good kind of people" here.)

I was walking Claren on the bike trail yesterday, and the right side of my chair slid off the paved trail to a gravel shoulder. The shoulder was about half-an-inch below the trail so my chair could not get back up.

Unlike second year of college, when sliding off the paved Route 29 onto an unpaved, lower shoulder left me hanging upside down as the car I was driving flipped, I was not worried about the wheelchair slippage. I saw that the shoulder and pavement met in 20 feet so I just kept driving along slanted.

As I neared the spot were they were even, I started nudging the chair back onto the trail. That's when I realized this guy I had passed seconds before was at my side pushing my chair back up onto the trail.

I tried to point out I was OK but gave up and let him help me.

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