Saturday, May 3, 2014

Help, he squeaked

Most people in my office are not too thrilled to be moving from private offices to a cubicle system. Not me, I can't wait.

Part of it is growing up working in a newsroom, but today I realized another benefit.

I am the only one who shares an office now. It used to be a perk for the other people because they got to share an office with a dog, but now that Claren retired, they're stuck with just me.

So I am in my office Friday. I had to use my  phone, which requires backing away a little from under my desk. No problem.

On the way back under my desk, I got a bit turned -- I blame the backup chair I am in for at least another week -- and I pinched my fingers between the hair and the desk.

And it HURT!

And I was stuck

I turned around to ask my officemate for help. Fortunately, he was coming to help already, having notice my struggles. That was just as well because my loud call for help turned out to be a little squeak because I was in some serious pain.

He was able to help, and my fingers are OK, but in a cube farm I have more helpers.

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