Friday, June 13, 2014

I may need a new exercise

Since Claren is no longer with me at work, I have started exercising at lunch to keep me outside for a bit at midday.

It's OK when I do leg lifts and ankle exercises.

But I have lately been having problems with trunk weakness. I know my trunk is weak. I have not been able to do a sit-up in years. So I have been bending over at my  waist and coming back up. I don't really know if it is a legit exercise but figure it can't hurt.

The problem is three people stopped today to ask if I was OK or if I needed help.


Anonymous said...

Look what I found on the internet: "This exercise is typically done by lying on the floor, but can be adjusted for if you are disabled or in a wheelchair. The swimmers exercise works the muscles in the lower back, the butt and the hamstrings and includes a stretch and flex combination. Sit in your wheelchair or any other sturdy chair and bend forward so your chest is lying on your knees. Use your lower back muscles to lift yourself up to a sitting position, with your spine straight."

Matt Trott said...


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