Sunday, July 27, 2014


As I packed up my office last week, it occurred to me that this is the second time an employer, after I had been there a few years, moved from a pedestrian- and subway-friendly location to a spot that was not.

After two and a half years, USA TODAY moved from Rosslyn to Tyson's. It was OK for me.

Now, after just under three years, I am moving from Ballston to Bailey's Crossroads.

That means I should not be worried about tomorrow, the first day at the new office. I am.

I toured a few weeks ago and had some accessibility issues. I detailed them to higher-ups, so hopefully they are fixed.

I know, though, that there will likely be at least one logistical hurdle. It is new construction -- how can there not be?

A woman I work with calls me optimistic about the building because  I say things like: it'll work. Expecting obstacles does not seem optimistic.

I think I am being pragmatic. It'll work because I will make it work. And it doesn't hurt that the new office is next door to a Toys R Us.

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