Tuesday, August 5, 2014

That birthday last week? Apparently, I am 10

Not to brag, but I am good at embarrassing myself. I don't need my FA to help, but it does and I totally blame this one on my disability.

I was filling up my water bottle at work today. We have a handy filtered water dispenser, but it is hard for me to reach and to keep the button pushed.

A friend was washing something at the sink nearby, so I asked for her help. She said sure and finished washing, put her stuff down and filed my bottle.

She then picked up her stuff and just to make conversation, I said, what's that? XXX

My pumps, she said.

AHHHHH! Stupid FA keeping me from filling my own bottle.

At this point, I am laughing and ready to go roll into traffic. I knew she had a baby and I saw things that looked like funnels. She works on multimedia stuff, so I assumed it was a funnel for pouring chemicals. But only artsy-fartsy people still use a darkroom. AHHHHH!

She shrugged and said, it is what it is, which of course, embarrassed me more. What am I, 10 years old?

For those wondering about the XXX, it was at that point in the retelling that my sister said, was it a breast pump? She and Mom then cracked up. I don't know what that says about me or my sister. She's like Radar O'Reilly.  I hadn't even got to the funnel description, and she knew.


Anonymous said...

I love that I made the blog! YES! And no reason to be embarrassed by it - I don't try to hide it, so I get questions a lot :).

Anonymous said...

I was just remembering the summer you lived here. It was 20 YEARS AGO! But Bren was a baby! You've seen that stuff before!

Matt Trott said...

It's easy to make the blog -- just be around when I do something silly.

And 20 years? Guess I am not 10 then. I have seen this type of paraphernalia before. I am such a goof.

Anonymous said...


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