Sunday, August 31, 2014

With great power comes great responsibility ... and captioning

I had my evening all planned. Everyone else was going out, and Fios had The Amazing Spider-Man 2 available for rent.

No brother-in-law or sister to call Spidey a wimp. What could go wrong?

Well, if, for instance, the rental screen said CC on it and there wasn't closed  captioning, that would be bad. But, come on, what are the chances of that. I mean sure, it happened last week, too, but surely that was a fluke. A company would not advertise captioning that wasn't available.

Except that it wasn't available on Spider-Man. It said it was. This is now the second movie I have been unable to watch. It seems to be movies listed as "early release." So apparently, people who are hard of hearing and miss a movie in theaters need to wait to see it. Nice.

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