Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Mom mentioned that Claren was antsy today and said she thought it was because Claren knew I was feeling poorly and was worried and anxious. I think Claren was just hunting for food.

I am feeling poorly. Spring would make me better ... until I realized that the warmer weather didn't fix everything. Then I'd be crappy again.

And the problem when I am crappy, I have little interest in doing things and i get annoyed too easily.

I'll survive. I'll get better. I am seeing someone Friday to see if talking helps.


Anonymous said...

great; hoping it helps

Anonymous said...

If it is any comfort, I often feel like this, especially when it is frigid early in the season. I am so wishful for a warmer climate where my body and mind function much more efficiently, but alas, my job keeps me here. Your Mom is right that our dogs totally sense and feel our moods more than we realize. It is good to talk to someone sometimes. And when all else fails, getting together for cheesecake can at least bring temporary happiness! You never have to twist my arm much for that. Take good care and know that you are surrounded by family and friends.

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